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Do you have slow drains  or clogged drains in the flint area? Yes you can use chemicals to try and take care of the clogged drain or you can call a Flint Michigan plumber that can jet your drain and …

Flint, Michigan Drain Clogs and How to Take Care of Them Read More »

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You know how lucky we are to have running water in our house and I don’t mean if you have a flooding basement.   Because a flooding basement is a huge problem for homeowners in Flint Michigan but it can …

Drain Blockages in Flint Michigan – Flint MI Nearest Plumbing Contractor and Drain Expert Read More »

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There are many reasons in the how that you will have drain clogs and there is no way around it. If you have food build up or even grease your plumbing system might not be able to handle it.

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Have you been stuck with clogged drains for the past week? If so we can help you out with that. Drain clogs can cause a ton of headaches that no home owner wants to be bothered with.

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