When You Have a Lake Orion Plumbing Hazard. Maintenance Drain Cleaning in Lake Orion MI

We know that plumbing hazards happen; its life and it can be crazy. Especially with a full house you really never know what’s going to happen.

When you have an emergency and need a plumber


Today it can be calm and tomorrow you could be dealing with a clogged toilet at 9 AM. Its life and for that there are plumbers that can help you unclog a toilet and do a maintenance drain cleaning.


Most plumbers are 24 hours just in case one of your kids flushes a toothbrush down the toilet. Call 248-564-3299 for a local Lake Orion plumber that see these calls all the time.


Drain cleaning is a good idea for your house

Lake Orion area drain cleaning and plumbing

water heaters

It’s actually a good idea to have a drain cleaning every once and a while it keeps your pipes from getting bacteria and hardening up with dirt.


Most commonly tree roots may cause a clog when you flush and that’s not the worst that can happen. So we recommend that you have a plumber at times like these to make sure your house plumbing is working the way you want it.


No matter what kind of clog you have a kitchen one, a bathroom one, or even the septic tank we can lend a hand with hydro jetting which is high pressure drain cleaning.


Make the call to protect your home its worth it, 248-54-3299

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