What to do if you have slow drains in Macomb Michigan – Clog free plumbing in Macomb area Michigan

Macomb mi drain cleaningSlow drains can wreck havoc on your plumbing if you don’t act fast. Plumbing is a necessity for a home. If you have clogged pipes there is a lot you can do to fix them.

The 2 types of plumbing in Michigan

You can do DIY plumbing or you can call a plumber. DIY plumbing isn’t the funniest thing to do there is a lot of hard labor involved and not a lot of people want to do it.


You would have to snake a drain to see if that clears the blockage and you would have to rent a snake if you don’t have one. Most of your local hardware stores have them.

water heaters

Macomb Michigan plumbing experts

But on the flip side you can hire a drain cleaner that has all the bells and whistles on their truck to take care of a clogged drain. It’s simple to hire a Macomb plumber, just call 248-419-1558.


Plumbers know more to do if a snake doesn’t do the job. They can hydro jet your pipes and make sure they are all clean.

What is hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is the method of snaking your drains with the help of high pressure water to get any and all debris out. You should honestly do this about once a year to make sure your pipes are in good condition.


Because if you don’t take care of pipe blockages you could be spending more than just the money on a drain snake at the hardware store and that’s the truth.

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