Why Plumbing Inspections Are Good For Homes in Pontiac Michigan

Buying a house is a big investment one of the biggest investments you can make. Plumbing is one of the factors to look at before purchasing a home. If you don’t do your research about homes and their plumbing it can cost you a lot of money down the road.

Hiring a Pontiac Michigan plumber before buying a home is ideal and can be a money saver, to say the least.

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 Plumbing checklist for homes in Pontiac Michigan

I have some tips to or better know as a plumbing checklist before buying a house.

1.     Hot water system you want to check all the hot water systems. All water systems should have a badge telling you when they were last serviced. A water tank lifespan is about 10-15 years.

2.     You want to check water leaks. Check all taps for water leaks this can get worse if not taken care of and you should hire a professional plumber in Pontiac Michigan. This should all be done before you move in.

3.     You want to make sure all the taps and pipes are in good care and not ready to break this can be a $5K-$10K fix or replacement

water heaters

4.     You want to make sure that the shower and all other taps have water efficiency, this can be tested and if not, you can have it replaced by a local Pontiac plumber.

5.     Knock on the tiles if it sounds hollow the waterproofing may need to be updated. You want to take care of the mold or dampness as it can hurt the structure of the home.

6.     Check the roof and gutters this can cause cracks and leaks if not taken care of. Which this can may cause flooding in the home.

7.     Plumbing inspection you want to have a certified plumber walk through the house with you to make sure everything is up to the plumber’s standards. Make sure that the plumber is using current technology to diagnose the plumbing problems.

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Having a local plumber in your area can be helpful for all your plumbing needs and we are making sure we have reliable plumber all over Michigan to help with the biggest plumbing concerns.

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