Why Shaving Is Good But Bad For Plumbers

Why Shaving Is Good But Bad For Plumbers

So One morning we were thinking about shaving and how hair in the sink can make a clog happen. Actually anywhere you shave you can clog the sink the bathtub or shower.

shower clogs

The most common call we get is hair clogs. Shaving is the #1 colprit  of the clog. But there is a plumber around all the time when you call 855-343-2828.

We don’t like clogs as much as the next person so we suggest shaving every other day if you could it cuts down on the hair in the shower or the sink. We are just joking but make sure you don’t get hair balls if you wait.

Plus people like clean shaved humans just a tip from the old plumbers. Get started today with a plumber.


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